• Theobromine Theobromine: the food of the gods (theo: God, broma: food) now within reach of chocolate lovers in a unique bijou. This molecule, theobromine, is found in chocolate and cocoa, but can also be found in tea, the kola nut and guarana berries.

  • Serotonin And who does not like to feel happy? A major cause of our sense of happiness is a neurotransmitter called Serotonin, also responsible for the feelings of satisfaction, trust, and relaxation. And who would not feel happier with a bijou like this?

  • Dopamine It's true: there is really chemistry between lovers! And one of the molecules responsible for the state of happiness of lovers is Dopamine. Furthermore, this molecule is also know as the molecule of motivation and reward. If you want to increase your levels of dopamine, set a goal and try to achieve it.

  • Caffeine This is the perfect bijou for those who like to face the world wide awake and with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. Caffeine is not only found in coffee but also in cocoa, tea, and guarana.

  • Capsaicin In a bijou devoted to spicy and fiery personalities, capsaicin molecule carries with it the power of chili peppers. Can you resist it?

  • Melatonin Getting good sleep is both an art and a science! There are real lovers of the art of sleeping well and for whom the "beauty sleep" is essential. This bijou features melatonin, the molecule that accumulates in the brain with the arrival of night and darkness, and contributes to the installation of a perfect sleep.

  • Progesterone A unique bijou for future mums, wich helps them to quietly enjoy this state of grace. Progesterone has a remarkable repertoire of important jobs in the women's body, and plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

  • Adrenaline The adrenaline from who cannot resist a good adventure, now in the form of jewelry. For those addicted to adventure and adrenaline, this is the perfect jewel. Adrenaline prepares the body to react to danger, by acting on heart rate, blood pressure and blood flux at the muscles. As a result, adrenaline has the ability to increase speed and...

  • ATP A bijou for those who spends his days full of energy! ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a nucleotide that stores energy, so it can be used by our body in innumerous biological processes. If you want to spell "energy in life", this is the perfect molecular description.

  • N-acetylaspartate A creative bijou for creative minds! The N-acetylaspartate, involved in the process of creativity in the human brain, gives rise to this unique piece.

  • Acetylcholine For anyone who spends his nights dreaming, the right jewelry is acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter - in addition to its important role in our dreams - is also fundamental in for learning, memory and attention brain processes.

  • Aspirin The best known medical drug in the world, in the form of jewel. An amusing bijou for those interested in pharmacy, medicine, biochemistry and related sciences.

  • Using just water, nature creates ice crystals with astonishing special shapes. Turn them in jewellery is irresistible. Can you resist wearing them?

  • Macrophages are cells that destroy elements foreign to our body, having an important role in fighting infections. A jewel designed with inspiration in combat and defense, which results in a strong and unusual piece.

  • tRNA The function of RNA transfer is to carry th amino acids for synthesis of proteins in our cells. A compound so important in the life cycle of the cell had to result in such a different jewel.

  • A jewel inspired by the wind, which is merely the movement of atmospheric air from higher pressure to lower pressure regions. But the wind promotes seed dispersal, creates waves on the sea, fills de sails of boats, and brings us the scents of distant lands.

  • Deoxyribonucleic acid The celebrated and well-known deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is responsible for the genetic code of all living beings, and it is through it that we have inherited the father's green eyes or mother's brown hair. Its double helix structure is an icon of science and is the basis of this jewel of simple lines.

  • The mitochondrion is a cellular structure responsible for the respiration of cells, with a unique feature: its genetic materia (DNA) passes only from mother to child. That is, the DNA of your mitochondria was given exclusively by your mother. So, why not give her this jewel?

  • Diamonds are produced by nature from a single element: Carbon. Subject to high pressures, carbon gives rise to a bright and rare crystalline structure, easily recognizable in this jewel.

  • Using just water, nature creates ice crystals with astonishing special shapes. Turn them into jewellery is irresistible. Can you resist wearing them?

  • Electrocardiograms allow us to draw the heartbeat on a sheet of paper. Why not be different and put them in a jewel?

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